Screw Awards. Here Comes Truth Knocking on Your Door.

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Suddenly the news drop like a bomb. The big yearly price comparison on groceries organized by the National Penioners’ Association in Sweden was rigged by many of the store chains – and the one chain that usually wins was the worst offender. Suddenly no quirky traditional television commercial will help, because suddenly truth showed up […]

SAAB just got interesting.

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It’s now official. Supercar maker Koenigsegg buys Saab and turns the sleepy techy brand into something completely different. Because even tough Saab has had a sporty aura over it, and a reputation as a fun car to drive, it has had kind of a geeky aroma as well. Koenigsegg adds flair to it, and one […]

See My Opening Keynote at Esomar WM3 2009!

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Last week I announced that I will be speaking at the Bring Dialogue Conference this summer, a speaking opportunity that I’m very excited about. Today I’m proud to announce that I will also be making the opening keynote adress at the Esomar WM3 Conference to be held Sweden this year. At the Clarion Sign Hotel […]

3 Ways of Striking Out in a Social Media Pitch

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Strike 1. The first and perhaps the most important mistake in social media is to start out with what you want to say rather than what engages people. Sure, you might be on strategy with your message, but nobody will talk about it. You can’t take the classic advertising agency approach and buy yourself in, […]

The Undercover Educator

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I think that sometimes, we’re over-analyzing and under-synthesizing. We’re reading all these complicated books, finding advanced psychological explanations or statistical correlations. Sometimes old truths just need a dead simple but inspirational explanation to be interesting and valuable. On some trip I went on a while back I bought a book in the airport bookstore. The […]

Often Wrong, Never in Doubt

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Three years ago, advertising zillionaire Donny Deutsch wrote a book called “Often Wrong Never In Doubt”. And even though he perhaps didn’t mean it in the way I’m going to describe it here, I think it may describe one of the more profound truths of advertising today. Not least in Sweden. If you think about […]

Communication Driven by Design

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In Cannes I got the question several times why I worked in the design business and not in the advertising business, and for how long I intend to stay. My answer was: I intend to stay with it forever. Regardless of how long I work in “the design business”, I will always keep design as […]

Brand Attraction

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Why am I so obsessed with this business of brands and communication? And exactly what is it that I’m doing? I’ve put a lot of thought into it, and I think I’ve figured it out. I’m in the business of Brand Attraction. When I think about it, that’s really what it boils down to. So […]