Your Business Card is Crap

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The Honesty business cards are printed with Helvetica on uncoated paper. Slightly larger type to improve clarity. Simple as can be. It’s precisely the type of business card that this guy would HATE. Thanks to Frenne for sharing.

Impressive Talk by Naoki Iko The Highlight of The Week

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Microsoft delivered today. There were two excellent talks, the first one being by Nick Bailey of AKQA. It was a fairly traditional presentation of some very good work. Fiat’s Eco Drive, an in-car-USB-powered Nike+ for cars. Cool. Though I think that it would have been even cooler with an industry-wide call to action where Fiat […]

I Never Want To Be Anything But An Amateur.

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I‘m sitting here reading a blog post by Ted Valentin where he reminds me of a quote from Chris Andersson’s The Long Tail: “… In the late 1970s and early 1980s, the combination of the electric guitar, the arrival of cheap multitrack recorders, and the fine example set by Sex Pistols gave licence to a […]

The New Forsman & Bodenfors Site Review

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A little over a year ago I wrote about the Forsman&Bodenfors site that never seemed to air. And now, finally, it has. The lesson that I talked about back then was that polishing and polishing on your product, and not getting it out there is fatal in times of rapid change. I also quoted Guy […]

Charlene Li’s Predictions. Right or Wrong?

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Charlene Li, one of the authors of the excellent book Groundswell presented this set of slides the other day. I find them to be fairly well in sync with what I see happening. What do you think? The Future Of Social Networks View more presentations or upload your own. (tags: future advertising)

Seesmic’s Got Me Hooked. I Think.

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So, Seesmic has my attention. What du you think of this Twitter-ish video service. Either it’s an amazing way to build relationships or it’s TOO intimate and will meet the same fate as video-calls on 3G-phones. (At least here in Sweden, video-calls are just dead). But so far I’m intrigued. This seems really cool to […]

Virals, Obama and Street Fighting

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Lesson number one. Never release a “viral” close to the inauguration speech, if it’s not a spoof of it. Pretty much everything spreading fast right now is Obama in one form or another. That said, I think that one of the fastest growing non-Obama-virals right now is quite interesting conceptually. They’ve actually created a rudimentary […]

The Privacy of Evil – Part Two

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This is the second part of my idea sketch on privacy and integrity. The first part can be found here. There is also an interesting comment on that post by Michael Dahlén where he talks about information symmetry, a theme that I’ll adress later in this post. In this second part I will show you […]