Jean Claude van Robot

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We may have some exciting news in store for you for tomorrow, so today is a non-writing-all-working day. Instead I’ll show you my favorite clip from my favorite sport, which was posted on my favorite web service by one of my favorite tweeps. Enjoy.

Q&A From The BBH Labs Post on Honesty

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Yesterday, BBH Labs wrote an interesting post commenting on some of my thoughts on internet transparency and gossip. The post itself, as well as the comments, are well worth a read. Since it’s one of my favorite topics, I naturally wanted in on the discussion myself, but as I started writing a comment on their […]

The Mijau and The Rockstar Entrepreneur

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Haha, I love it when I get attributed with stuff like “rockstar entrepreneur” or ending every party blog post with a “mijau”. Never realized I did. I generally love the rockstar attribute. I’ve gotten it once before by the excellent swedish copywriter Johan Fredrikzon: “Walter is one of those rare individuals who combine the analytics […]

Shame On (some of) You!

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I’m not sure that everybody is taking the shift in the media landscape seriously. In Clay Shirky’s talk from 2005 that I showed you the other day, he’s talking about how the invention of the printing press sent us into a couple of hundred years of chaos, and how the internet is going to do […]

Back To Work

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As you have probably noticed, this blog hasn’t been updated as frequently as it used to be. I’ve been focusing on anthropological studies in the world of personal blogs for a while, reading a ton of them, going to a lot of parties, and also writing plenty of posts for my own personal blog. It’s […]

Are You a Frustrated Artist Too?

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Lou Reed plays “Berlin” in Stockholm tonight. Can’t miss that now can I? He also says in an interview that “if he hadn’t been a musician, he would have been an ad man”. Sure, there is obvious and somewhat loathsome irony in his statement, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it is true. So many […]

The Nextopia Stalker, Part 1: The Joy of Next

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So. A few weeks ago I got an email from the publishers of Micael Dahlén’s upoming book Nextopia, asking me for my comments on the book. Besides being incredibly flattered (Micael is after all Sweden’s first professor in advertising), i’ve also had a bad conscience ever since for not finishing my comments. But I think […]


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“Winning” is a concept that fascinates us humans. Especially men seem to be fascinated by it, and have been since we were still just mamals butting heads. But there are really three types of winning. The first type is when you compete with your friends, family, spouse, girl-/boyfriend, or even kids. Not a very rewarding […]

I Talk The Walk

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Sometimes people whisper about people that just talk and never do. I think that they probably whisper that about me sometimes. Understandably. I do talk a lot. And write a lot (around 400 posts and counting). And I don’t have production managers, project managers, receptionists, assistants, or a cleaning staff. Sure that lowers my production […]

The Invisible Internet

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Perhaps one day we’ll laugh at the fact that we once had something called a “web browser”. Maybe it will sound just as stupid as having a generic “electricity browser” where you can choose from “light”, “hair dryer”, and “vacuum cleaner”. I don’t know. Let me elaborate: What do you use the web for? Personally […]