Technology Clowning

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There was A LOT of talk about technology at Cannes this year. A lot of talk about social networks. And mobile. I think there is much confusion about technology.

Being an old media technology engineer, I guess I should embrace and defend technology, but even though I love technology, I don’t view it as an entity of its own. Technology is nothing more than an enabler of communication. This year in Cannes, people seemed a bit blinded by technology. They seemed to have forgotten about purpose and relevance. The whole idea was in some cases a “cool” technical solution, completely off topic and irrelevant to the brand. I call it technology clowning.

We must understand that the changes taking place are not in technology as such, but in people’s behavior and maturity in using technology. We’ve had computers and the Internet for a while now. That’s not new. We’ve had social networks for many years too, but only now have the masses matured enough to make use of it on a big scale. Why? Several reasons, but these reasons have very little to do with technology and very much to do with psychology.

Sure there are technology leaps that are important, but they are rare. One that is coming up now is useful mobile internet. My guess is that this is going to be the big hype at Cannes 2009. And again the lion raking conservatives will put up mobile solutions crammed with technology, but without the psychology. And they will win lions.

I hope I’m wrong about this.

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