The Google Man at Marketing Week London

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Man that was tough. I’ve been lucky to have been scheduled in the first slot of the day at most talks I’ve done so far, but today I got the very last slot. And it was crazy hot in Olympia’s Pillar Hall in London where my Marketing Week talk was scheduled. Some talks are easier than others, and this was definitely not one of the easy ones.

Anyway, the theme of the day was to take advantage of the evolutionary gap. Right now, that gap is very present in marketing when it comes to search marketing and advanced metrics. You can still win advertising awards without neither relevance in terms of actually selling product (Clownvertising) or even the most basic search marketing considerations. We’ve seen examples of both over the past year.

This does of course present an opportunity for those who stay ahead and work with the tools that are actually out there; and this opportunity is represented by precisely the evolutionary gap between what is currently being applauded by the majority and what is possible to imagine when you grab your backpack and your walking stick and actually set out to explore the boundaries. One can’t help but wonder if awards given out by a majority vote are even a compliment in times of rapid change.

Anyway, despite the tough venue and the courageous overheated heroes in the audience, visiting London was fun. And despite being pretty darn tired, I’m looking forward to seeing you Londoners again soon!


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