The Invisible Internet

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Perhaps one day we’ll laugh at the fact that we once had something called a “web browser”. Maybe it will sound just as stupid as having a generic “electricity browser” where you can choose from “light”, “hair dryer”, and “vacuum cleaner”. I don’t know. Let me elaborate:

What do you use the web for? Personally I use it for these things:
* Communicating (including email, Facebook, Twitter, etc)
* Reading blogs (including news)
* Writing blog posts
* Watching video (including everything from short clips to tv-series and feature films)
* Listening to music
* Shopping

That’s about it.

First of all I would like to bundle together communications. Writing blogs is really just like emailing. The only difference is that emails have a (usually) smaller number of people with permission to read. So in the new bundled state we have this:

* Communicating (email, Facebook, Twitter, reading blogs, writing blogs)
* Watching videos
* Listening to music
* Shopping

It would make sense to have one application for each of these, which would be tailored to those specific needs. We would then have one communications application (I already use Ecto or Flock for blogging), one video application, one music application (I already use Spotify) and one shopping application. “The Internet” would really be in the background and invisible. Like electricity. Read more about this idea in Wired.

The iPhone is actually close to that already. It has a dedicated video player, a stock market ticker, a weather application and so on. And it is a better user experience than Safari. Perhaps typing in a www-address in an empty browser will seem as ancient as surfing usenet from the command prompt.

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