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A little over a year ago I wrote about the Forsman&Bodenfors site that never seemed to air. And now, finally, it has.

The lesson that I talked about back then was that polishing and polishing on your product, and not getting it out there is fatal in times of rapid change. I also quoted Guy Kawasaki:

Don’t worry, be crappy. An innovator doesn’t worry about shipping an innovative product with elements of crappiness if it’s truly innovative. The first permutation of a innovation is seldom perfect–Macintosh, for example, didn’t have software (thanks to me), a hard disk (it wouldn’t matter with no software anyway), slots, and color. If a company waits–for example, the engineers convince management to add more features–until everything is perfect, it will never ship, and the market will pass it by.

And these are times of rapid change. What on earth can they have been working on all this time? The idea they had two years ago can hardly be the same one that went online this week, or?


Well, maybe it is. Because it feels a bit… well… old. But first, let me start with the positive stuff:


On the plus side the initial interface has a very slick search interface. It’s looks much like the TED-visualization, but more stylized and with live search. For a portfolio site, this is a nice solution. Production-wise there is not much to add. If this is the idea you are going for, it is very well executed. Images are well chosen and art direction is cool. Also, the portfolio is very easy on the eyes. Excellent images and videos.

The site feels a bit old. Not surprisingly of course, since it’s been in production for an amazingly long time.(It has to be some kind of record). Though i like the search interface, unfortunately when you click on anything you end up in what looks like a  flash template from the early noughties. And of course, I do have to ask, where is the agency? Where is all the social functionality? Does anyone at F&B even have a Twitter account? I can’t tell since the only means of contact available is email. Email guys? And what’s up with not having shareable content on the site? Add that, and I’ll add another star to your grade.


This is not an agency site, but a portfolio. I have no way of getting to know the agency behind it. Are they smart? Do they know what’s going on in the world? I don’t know. But it is a nice portfolio site to navigate. Not having shareable content is amazingly strange, and you get the feeling that F&B thinks that live search is the hottest thing since sliced bread. Social media seems to have passed them by. (Though I know at least one person at the agency has a Twitter account, and some of them probably have Facebook accounts). I do think that the site is very pretty though and I do like the search interface.


Grade today: WW

Grade if they add shareability: WWW

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