The Pain of Being an Ad Man

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Life of an ad man may not be physically challenging (except for yoga class), but it can be quite psychologically tough. You pitch a lot and work really hard to get to deliver out what may seem like quite small units of product. Especially in the beginning, you can work for months and months only to get, say, five films out the door. For us, even though we haven’t actually lost a single pitch yet, we have had other things happen, like us withdrawing for different reasons or clients backpedalling their plans.

If you’ve seen season 2 of Mad Men, there is this one episode where everybody works like crazy over the weekend to win the American Airlines account, only to have the pitch vanish before their eyes. These things happen.

If you’re in some other line of business, say sweeping floors, the floor is done when the floor is done. Nobody will come steal that reward from you. Or say that “yeah, this floor is fantastic, but we can’t run it for legal reasons”. Or whatever.

Sometimes I wish I had a job on the side, a job where what I produced was produced and delivered and where I could move on to the next thing and the next thing and the next thing… I guess it could be something like baking bread (tried it at a bakery this summer) or selling ice cream. Or it could be something where I could write short chunks of text and deliver them instantly to an audience of hundreds of people and even have them comment back and discuss with me. Wait… I guess this blog is that job.

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