The State of Honesty

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It’s been a while since I gave you an update about the progress of Honesty. In fact I haven’t written much over the course of the past year at all. But it’s been one crazy year. First, and most importantly, I’ve become a father of a little boy called Marc. That, of course, changed everything and I could write an entire blog just about that.

But this post is about Honesty, and I’ll try to give you a brief tour of the state of the company:

The Economics of Honesty

When we closed last year’s books for fiscal 10/11 we did so with great pride. We had reached a turnover of 25,5 MSEK with a 35,7% profit margin (all such numbers are public information in Sweden btw if anyone thinks I’m being too transparent with our info). We’re working on the numbers for fiscal 11/12 as we speak, and the preliminary results indicate close to 30% growth for this year. Not bad considering that this has been a year where we have not focused on growth, but rather on building a stable platform for fiscal 12/13 where we plan for an aggressive growth rate of around 75%.

The Clients of Honesty

Halebop, Scandic Hotels, Fabegé, AxFood, H&M and Fisherman’s Friend have all been great clients throughout the year where we’ve made a lot of progress in different areas. Kicking off the new fiscal year 12/13 we welcome Riksgälden (The Swedish National Debt Office) and Beijer Bygg (building materials) as new clients.

The People of Honesty

A growing client base means a growing Honesty family. We are around 30 employees now, including those who will start work within a couple of months. We are also looking for one really great senior account manager and one amazing art director. If you or anyone you know fit either description drop us an email.

The Home of Honesty

We moved to our new offices almost a year ago and we LOVE the place. It’s this old factory building on the east side of Södermalm with huge windows and mega-high ceilings. It’s a 420 kvm space and we’re currently looking at expanding to 590 kvm.

Besides being a great place to work it’s also a perfect spot for seminars (we’re hosting TEDx in a couple of months), basketball tournaments (we have a court smack in the middle of the office) or parties. Check out this film for example from Honesty’s 3-year anniversary:

The Website of Honesty

We launched a new Honesty website a few months ago that we really like. It started out being a website with a mobile version, but when we started prioritizing information for the mobile version we realized that everybody deserves prioritized information and made the entire site into one mobile site. See what you think. We love it. Not least, having the site’s father Robin Frank around is always a blast.

The Future of Honesty

I updated my LinkedIn-profile the other day and tried to put into words what my goals were. I put down “Aiming to lead Sweden’s top agency and take on the world”, which is of course not very humble. But nevertheless, that is how I feel and that is what I think I have to feel to do a good job of leading Honesty. Whether or not we succeed, truly believing that it is within our reach is the only way to get there.

About the Blog

This blog is written by Walter Naeslund and has been around since 2007. The blog is about the journey of starting an advertising agency and a sneak peek behind the scenes of what goes on at the Honesty HQ in SoFo, Södermalm. It is also a blog about communication & technology. The blog has gathered almost a thousand posts over the years with several longer and shorter breaks. Welcome and enjoy.
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