The Very Best of Social Web Camp. And a Bus Crash.

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The mini bus died. All of a sudden we feel the stench of burnt clutch, and minutes later everything just stopped. But more on that later. First a brief report on the highlight of the year so far for me – The Sweden Social Web Camp!

Anyone who has ever read Ayn Rand’s epic novel Atlas Shrugged will understand what I’m talking about. In the novel, the most talented, creative and productive people gather in what they call Galt’s Gulch to get away from the world of politics, envy and empty words. This event was just like that. Everywhere you turned you could talk to intelligent and interesting people with a ton of knowledge in different areas. Rarely have I enjoyed a conference this much! Sleeping in a tent was the final and perfect touch to the weekend.

The entire Saturday was filled with sessions on all kinds of topics related to the social web – most of very high quality. One of my absolute favorites was SEO-expert Simon Sundén’s talk on SEO.

But the most valuable aspects of SSWC was perhaps after all the informal interactions taking place all over the island. I could name several here, but notably Dan Carlberg of Bloglovin who is one of the brightest people I’ve met. I picked up a bunch of great ideas and hopefully contributed with a few. Check out #sswc on Twitter to tap into the conversation.

And what about the van? Well – no trip is complete without failure, right? Ours came when our van broke down on the way back to Stockholm. With a smoking clutch the van died just outside of Norrköping. After hitching a ride with one of Simon’s friends, we got on the train in Nyköping. And that’s where I am right now, writing to you.

Thank’s to all involved for an amazingly successful weekend, and a special thanks to Thomas Wennström who put it all together for us!

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