Trad-ad Agencies, Cannes, and the Crumbling Status of Contests

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This picture is from last years Cannes Lions advertising festival. It was fun. Everybody was there.

But what happened to Cannes this year? Basically nobody I know is going there. Personally, when I have gotten the question about my attendance my answer has been “…nope. Saving my money for modern events and conferences on social media and social psychology instead“. Sure Cannes is sunny and nice, but really, there is sun and parties here too. I’d much rather go to TED if you know what I mean. Don’t have time for trad-ad-talks.

I think that Cannes is just too closely related to the trad-ad business, and while 95% of our Swedish agencies ARE trad-ad agencies, they don’t want to associate with it too much anymore. They dream of being modern and figuring out “Digital” (yes, they say it capitalized). AND of course, they need to save money. After all, they haven’t sorted out how to innovate their way out of the recession just yet.

This year it has also been painfully obvious how contest juries just aren’t up to par when it comes to judging communication. How on earth can expensive-production-irrelevant-micro-site-solutions whin in a year like this one? Not much point for innovators competing then, is there? Can this also explain part of the Cannes drop out?

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