Using Facebook on iPhone Gives You a Glimpse of The Future

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If you are a loyal reader of this blog, you might remember the “Open Social”-period, when I wrote a lot about what happens after Facebook. Especially, I had one post called “Open Permissions The Killer App of 2008” where I talked about how contacts would be handled in a perfect world.

I think Facebook are starting to get pretty close to this now with the release of their new Facebook app for iPhone. As long as most of your friends and contacts are on facebook, there is very little use for your contact list. They also have the Facebook chat function built in, effectively eliminating the need for MSN and the likes. The only thing I can see that they’re still missing is the key feature of being able to segment your contacts into different privacy groups, with LinkedIn-style professional info in one end and your most private info in the other. Give me that and keep your integrity, and there is really not much point in migrating to any other platform.

Edit: Another key feature missing is of course the possibility to control who gets to call. Ancient things like phone numbers and email adresses are still there, which means you can not recall someones right to call or write you, or control the time interval when they can do so. We are getting there though. Give it a couple of years.

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