We Are The Pick Up Artists of Business.

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I‘ve said for a long time that working in marketing is a lot like picking up girls. Sorry if that sounded sexist, girl or guy is all about preference, I prefer girl. Nonetheless, it’s true.

And then Carl came along and suggested that Michael Dahlén’s next book might be a “The Game – Business Edition”. Well – why not – I thought. My booklist for either course, pick up or marketing, would be quite similar.

Anyway, it might be a coincidence, but Copyblogger brought up the same topic here.

And for the record, If a good pick up artist came along applying for a job…

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  1. Matthieu says:

    The analogy between picking up girls and working with marketing is excellent, i myself used it several times to make my point clear to all audiences (especially in france, which is not so strange after all).

    However, i was disappointed to find that applying for a job is nothing comparable to seducing someone. It’s just no working the same way.

    Yes, and what copyblogger writes is just outright ridiculous. Being a good listener alone won’t give you the job. No way. You have to be both guys (the achiever AND the listener) if you want to have any chance.

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