Welcome to IPREDIA – Campaign of The Year?

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A very intelligent person figured out that it’s hard to use laws like IPRED to attack file sharers if you can’t prove that the person responsible for the internet connection is the person responsible for, say, the shared MP3. The same intelligent person thus opened up her WIFI-base station for anyone to use. And she gave it a name: IPREDIA.

The same thing can be done by anybody as a statement against the internet repressionists, and as this spreads incredible value is created since they are in fact creating an open nation of internet connections as they go, a nation called IPREDIA.

So the effect is threefold:
1. They protect themselves from the IPRED-law.
2. They provide value for other people.
3. They spread the word.


This is in fact a perfect recipe for the type of communication that I am so in love with. I want to hire this little genious. No resumé needed. And we’ll pay the fee to send it off to Cannes.

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