WordPress 3.2 is All About Speed and Feel

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I’m writing this post in a brand new editor. No, it’s not a new Firefox plug like Scribefire and it’s not a “focus first”-app like WriteRoom or Byword. Instead it’s WordPress’ own editor that got itself a nice facelift with yesterday’s introduction of version 3.2. In particular I like that they’ve taken a leaf from apps like Byword and WriteRoom and implemented a “focus first”-full screen mode right there in the browser. Me, I like this way of writing and much prefer it over cluttered workspaces. In general, this editor feels solid and fast.

But besides this, there are also quite a few other changes.

The new version is tighter and snappier in general performance and (finally) support for IE6 has been removed, giving me yet another reason to tell people not to deal with that devilish piece of software ever again (yes, people still try to tell me that we should code for IE6 from time to time).

WordPress have also implemented “delta updates” which made the update go lightning fast. Not that it matters really (you don’t update that often), but it’s nice to see that they put forth the effort of doing stuff like this. It adds to a quality feel. As does the fact that WordPress’ own standard Twenty Eleven-theme is now fully HTML5.



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