Wrap Up of Day 2: Thou Shalt Be Honest

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Back from today’s seminars. I’m really quite tired, but try to give you a short wrap up here of today’s events. It will be brief, but I believe that if you’re one of the fairly dedicated people reading this blog, you’ll find more ground breaking stuff in your regular Twitter- and RSS-feeds than in these seminars. Consider this the short short version. Here we go.

Today’s Golden Egg seminars were all about stating the obvious. The talks following the RAB-talk I mentioned earlier were eloquent, though not very surprising. The talk by Alan Rosenfeld was better, though perhaps a bit soft when you’re used to seeing Steve Jobs in front of basically the same slides.

IMG_0870.JPG by you.

The talk by Weber Shandwick’s Leo Rayman was correct but not exactly earth shattering.  I liked this slide for some reason.

IMG_0909.JPG by you.

The last talk of the day was by David Orlic. It was a very well written talk on the things that he and I have both been talking about for some time now. No more, no less. The difference today was that it was received with a curious interest. It’s as if our constant nagging about honesty and utility is finally starting to catch on. Perhaps we have the financial crisis to thank for this change in attitude, or perhaps it has finally just become inevitable. Either way it was a joy to see it happen.

IMG_0918.JPG by you.

(Was this a not so  secret message to us? ‘stop lying dammit’)
IMG_0919.JPG by you.

Anyone who has ever been to one of my talks will recognize this graph.
IMG_0920.JPG by you.

All in all, the state of the union is perhaps finally one of awakening. Neither me, nor David are trying to change the world, we’re just saying what should be obvious to anyone: Be honest. Don’t spend 90% of your marketing budget on distribution. Deserve attention.

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