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Walter Naeslund is the founder and CEO of the advertising agency Honesty, voted Sweden’s most effective long term brand builder in 2014. With a background as both media technology engineer and advertising creative, Walter specialises in simple brand- and communication strategies for the busy media environments of today. Walter is an appreciated lecturer at Sweden’s top marketing schools and also speaks at conferences and events in Sweden and abroad.

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  • The Future

    A few years ago I worked with trend analysis in the television industry. It was all about trying to predict the future. Today when I work with strategy for different brands, predicting future scenarios is still at the core of what I get paid to do. One of the best ways I’ve learned over the […]

  • Jack’s Q&A About Starting an Ad Agency

    An email dropped in from a Jack in LA. Jack wants to start an ad agency and wanted to know a few things about my journey. I thought I’d share my answers with all of you on the blog, so I picked up my MacBook and went down to the dock to write this to […]

  • Will Legislation Keep Up With Innovation in The Battle of Uber?

    Sweden. Birthplace of Spotify, Skype, iZettle, Minecraft/Mojang, Dice, Tictail and many others; an amazing fountainhead of innovation in relation to its size. You would think that a company like Uber, after having launched successfully in 30 or so countries would be extremely well received in a country like this one. And it was. Uber grew […]

  • Instagram Could Instakill Vine

    There is something about Twitter’s new video sharing app Vine that appeals to me. With Vine you share 6-second video clips that loop; perfect for cute baby videos, stumbling puppies and other world changing events that feed the re-tweet beast. I think it might take off. The only thing that bothers me is that there […]

  • Uber is Stockholm’s Best Taxi Service Before It’s Even Launched

    The first time I heard of Uber I was overjoyed. I’ve felt for a while that the taxi system is long overdue for an upgrade and that the tools are certainly here to make it happen. I’ve even had a few taxi-related ideas penned down in my idea-notebook that I could now retire thanks to […]

  • Times of Crisis Are Times of Opportunity for The Well Prepared

    This morning I poured a cup of coffee and opened up Dagens Industri. “Tough year awaits advertising agencies” it said in bold letters across the front page. And I’m sure that’s true. But why have this “glass half empty”-attitude on such a beautiful morning. Why not write “Big opportunities in store for alert advertising agencies” […]

  • Honesty 2.0: Removing All Digital Roles From The Agency

    Today we’re upgrading Honesty 1.0 to version 2.0, and in doing so we remove all digital roles from the agency. It just doesn’t make sense anymore to have separate staff to handle a separate area which is inherently impossible to separate from anything else. Instead, all roles at the agency will approach their work from […]

  • Honesty Now Selling Advertising and Coffee

    Last week we received our first batch of Honesty Roast coffee, the first in our series of Honesty-products. We felt that the pod-coffee that we had before, while practical and ok-tasting, was soulless and dull and that we needed to do something about it. We set out in search for the best brewing equipment on […]

  • Driving The Hell out of The Audi S7 and S8 in Berlin. Pictures and Video.

    Game day. After a good breakfast at the Hyatt Grand we head down to a garage that is just jam-packed with premium Audis, most by my estimate setting you back upwards of €100000 if you’d be interested in one. For this mornings drive out the the race track we are given the keys to brand […]

  • Dinner and a Walkthrough of The Cars We’re Driving Tomorrow

    I have a feeling the S8 will become a favorite. We’re talking about a car the size of a limousine that will leave a Porsche behind when the lights turn green. 0-100 in 4.1 seconds here: